How to use Rank Booster on MarJoTech PH?

Are you looking for improving your rank in Mobile Legends in an easy way? If yes, you have come to one of the best injector sites. Here, in our MarJoTech PH app, we offer a Premium Rank Booster feature that allows our users to improve their rankings.

Globally, many people are playing the Mobile Legends game, but most of them are lacking because they cannot quickly improve their skill until or unless they play insanely. I mean, gamers have to understand every part of the game and plot new ideas to win. So, it is not easy at all for busy people who just get into the game for refreshing their minds.

So, for those who can’t spend excessive time and want to level up their rankings, we just included the Premium Rank Booster feature, which will be unlocked with MarJoTech PH diamonds.


What is Premium Rank Booster?

Premium Rank Booster is a menu that consists of multiple options that help us increase our ranking through various techniques. You may see standalone android rank booster applications, but they may not work as advertised. So, we took feedback from our users and implemented the same in our very own MarJoTech app.

What are the options that we offer right now at the time of writing this article? These may change in future updates. We will try to add more.

Damage +5% – If you want to trounce your opponents, that means better than you usually do, then enable this option. The damage will be +5% more. It can help you somewhere in defeating a perfect rival.

Fast Farm 22% – Increase your experience by enabling fast farming mode. It will go nearly up to your farming skill by 22%. So, that gives you a good push to kill creatures on the map.

Enemy lag 95 ms – Make your enemy lag for 95 ms ping.

Team Pro – Mobile Legends randomly makes the team with the people. So, Joining the pro-people team is a kind of luck. Isn’t it? However, it is not luck anymore when you enable this option in the Rank Booster menu. This will make sure you join in with pro-people.

What are MarJoTech PH Diamonds?

We introduced diamonds to access the Rank Booster menu. You have to spend 100 diamonds every time you want to unlock options. So, you need to maintain enough of them. Basically, this is an in-app currency that we introduced to restrict users from using these features excessively. However, this will help them not get banned.

We only offer 1000 ♢ for now. But a small tip I want to give you guys is that it gets you unlimited diamonds. A simple solution is; just don’t follow our traditional updating process when we give updates. Or just uninstall our MarJoTech PH app and reinstall it.

Steps to use Rank Booster in the MarJoTech PH app?

This is very simple to follow and doesn’t cost you more than 2 minutes of your time.

Step 1. Open MarJoTech PH app.

Step 2. Allow all permissions and hit the continue button.

Step 3. Select Rank Booster on the home menu page.


Step 4. Now, you have to buy the pass with 100 Diamonds. Or you have to enter your Password.


Password is available for subscribers of the developer’s YouTube Channel who have taken the membership by contacting him personally.

Step 5. Finally, select the options that you want.


Close the app and open Mobile Legends.


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