MarJoTech PH APK 1.5 | S75 [Download ML Skins] 2023

Have you ever thought of getting paid skins in Mobile Legends for free of cost? If not, We definitely recommend you to read this guide thoroughly. Well, in brief, Marjo made an android app named MarJoTech PH APK, which helps you to unlock ML Skins, Rank Booster, Droneview, and more.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, also known as MLBB, is currently a trending MOBA game for mobile devices. Many people prefer this for its simplicity, which means beginners can understand it well by following on-screen tutorials. However, when you want to master it, you must understand considerable cool heroes and their stories, game modes, diamonds, gold coins and maps.

In our honest opinion, Gaining knowledge is a bit hard for Mobile Legend, but once you understand the game’s mechanics, you will love it. Importantly, Battle Points (BPs) and Diamonds are fuel to a game when users want to look rich and do whatever they wish. Because these are the things, we require to acquire Skins, Items, Heroes and others.

Nonetheless, with MarJoTech PH APK, one can get all those features in simple taps. Download the latest official APK from this page.


What is MarJoTech PH APK?

MarJoTech PH APK is one of the popular android tools which is made for only Mobile Legends: Bang Bang game. Also, it is developed in such a way that it can be supported to the latest seasons without any issues. What can users do with this app? Yep, that is what we want to tell you before proceeding further.

Well, the app offers ML Skins, Recalls, Backgrounds, Emotes, Drone View, Rank Booster and more which will be discussed in the features sections. We hope you don’t skip the features part. There are proven guides to genuinely get Diamonds in the game, such as events where Moonton giveaways diamonds for completing certain tasks.

MarJoTech PH app is developed by Marjo in association with Zonic TV. A small introduction to the developer: His name is Marjo, lives in the Philippines. He has a keen interest in technology and loves to play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. If you want to learn more about him, please read from our about us page. We have a YouTube Channel too, where we mostly upload tutorials on how to use our app.

App Info

NameMarJoTech PH
Size10 MB
Version1.5 (S75)
Updated onJune 08, 2023

Download MarJoTech PH APK Latest Version for Android

There are tons of customisation available in this application which helps us to enjoy premium items without spending anything. Only users who have hands-on experience know about it. Even though many patchers like AG Injector & IMOBA are available on the internet, MarJoTech PH stands out because of its unique features.

Download the Latest APK file from the below link. By the way, this is the official page by the developer team.

No Password for this App

We update every app build here that was released by the developer. We request you to follow this page for official updates.

Drone View

With our 10x ultimate drone view, you can see two lanes in Mobile Legends

We hope everyone familiar with the physical drones and their camera view. That is exactly the same happened with this Drone View feature on our app, which lets you view more areas (meaning more content in the mobile legends map area). When you turn on the drone view, you ended up having a magnified gameplay screen where you can pinpoint the enemies quickly.

This means you can find out the enemy gang’s exact locations as shown in the screenshot. With that data, you can make a plan with your teammates to destroy the opponent towers. The best strategy making a feature in our MarjoTech PH app, and one can magnify up to 10x.

Typically, it comes with a Default view, 1x, 2x, 3x,….10x.

Premium Rank Booster


If you are a beginner or starter and want to climb up levels within a short span of time, then you will be amazed to know the tools that we offer in the Premium Rank Booster menu. These will help you do many things and make you an experienced player within weeks.

  • Fast Farm 22% – One of my favourite tool is Fast Farming with 22% increase. It helps you to kill creatures in the bushes easily. So, the result; you will get experience faster and can able to up your level.
  • Damage 5% – Make Damage 5% more for your opponents and also for the minions or any other creature in the Mobile Leggends.
  • Enemy Lag (95ms) – When you turn on this option before playing game, you will see some lags in your opponent actions. That gives a great advantage against them to win.

How do you access it? Just open the home in MarJoTech PH and then navigate to the Rank booster option. Choose whatever is suitable for you.

A small reminder about this feature – We would like to mention that please don’t use Rank Booster more often.

Unlock ML Skins

Mobile Legends parent company [Moonton] releases the latest skins to the public every month. However, many users wouldn’t be able to get those since skins require diamonds to exchange. But diamonds are hard to get, and the easy way is; to purchase them with real money.

So, for those gamers who can’t afford them. Utilise our MarJoTech PH App for android devices which offers all the latest skins for all types of in-game Mobile Legends characters. The characters include Marksman, Assassin, Tank, Mage, Fighter and Support.

We would like to mention some of the heroes or characters here.

Lou Yi

The above characters are just for sample. You can find more in our app, including premium skins such as Epic, Special, Starlight, Elite, Zodiac, KOF, Legend, Stun, Collector, etc.

Also, the simple search option allows you to search from 110 ML heroes. So, you can easily find what you are looking for.

Recalls & Backgrounds


There are plenty of recalls effects in our ML Tool, and you can use them all for free. You just need to click on the apply button. Once you have done that, you can see the applied animation in the gameplay while you tap on the recall button. The Recall option allows us to regenerate HP and help us go with the hero’s full power.

  • Star Wars
  • Thunder
  • Storm
  • Fire Crown and more.

You need to understand Backgrounds as it is a pure tool provided feature. Yes, MarJoTech PH offers backgrounds for Lobby, Profile screen, Splash Intro and ML Music. This feature basically replaces the default background images, videos and music with the ones you select in the app’s menu. So, choose wisely, and it’s a good tweak for people who like customisations.

Other Features

  • More Battle Effects – Yes, MarJoTech PH offers more battles effects other than what we discussed above. Remaining effects are Elimination, Emotes, Upgrade Recalls amd Custom Analog.
  • All Bug Fix – This option helps us to fix any bugs that we encounter during the injecting process.
  • Upgrade your existing skins.
  • In app diamonds to reveal some crucial options.
  • Sound effects – It unlocks the skill sound effects of particular hero or character.
  • Straightforward user interface which shows every option in single page.
  • Guides on how to use application.

How to Install MarjoTech PH APK on Android Devices?

Step 1. Make sure you have already installed Mobile Legends: Bang Bang original version from the Google Playstore.

Step 2. Download MarJoTech PH APK Latest Version from the official download link.

Step 3. Please wait for a few seconds as it’s small in size. Once you see the downloaded tick mark in the status bar. Go to the File Manager or Downloads section of the browser.

Step 4. There, you can see the APK file. Tap on it.

Step 5. Allow unknown sources or allow this source option.

Step 6. Install MarJoTech PH APK Latest Version on your android.


Step 7. Open the application.

Step 8. Hit like and subscribe to our YouTube Channel and then come back. Tap on Unlock button.

If you are using the Android 11 or above operation system, then please read our complete guide with screenshots.

How to Unlock ML Skins using MarJotech PH app?

The important note is; only these skins will be applied to that hero when you have already unlocked the same hero in your Mobile Legends.

Step 1. Turn on the Internet connection because we use cloud storage for storing ml skins and all other files.

Step 2. Now, open the application.

Step 3. In the home menu, you can see the All Skins option at first. Just tap on it.


Step 4. Click on Unlock All Skin option.

Step 5. Here, you will find all the characters. Choose skin for your favourite unlocked hero.


Step 6. Once you tap on it, the MarJotech PH app will start downloading files from the server. Please wait here until it gets downloaded and applied.

Step 7. Once you see the success message, open Mobile Legends and start your game.

Now, your hero outfit will be the one you choose.

Wanna remove the skin? Here is the guide to removing skins with simple steps.

Final Words

MarJoTech PH has all new Skins, Emotes, Recalls, Backgrounds and more. We don’t think one needs more than what we are offering right now. Timely updates are the best part as you get working build for every Mobile Legends season with updated stuff in the app. We hope that we have written a detailed article which answers all your doubts. If you still have any, don’t bother to contact us.